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NutriSnax™ Freeze-Dried Apples
  • Imagilin® Technology, LLC

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    NutriSnax™ Freeze-Dried Apples

    NutriSnax™ Freeze-dried Apples with Plant-based Probiotics is the tasty treat for humans made with freeze-dried apples and 5051®, a patented natural plant-based Pediococcus acidilactici NRRL B-50517 probiotic (beneficial bacteria). Use NutriSnax™ daily as a training aid or treat and a new way to give your probiotics! NutriSnax™ provides 10 million CFU* guaranteed at time of consumption and can be given daily, and concurrently with antibiotics and prescription medications, to help support digestive and immune health in humans.

    premium probiotics for humans

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